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Did you know a dirty air filter is the primary cause of HVAC equipment failure?

Did you know a Clogged Filter:

  • Is one of the leading causes of higher energy bills?
  • Can cause dirt build up in your duct system leading to mold or allergen
  • Can fail to capture containments leading to poor indoor air quality?
  • Can lead to thousands of dollars in repair?

ALL True, but you can help prevent these serious problems by installing FILTERSCAN®!

The Air Filter Monitor for Home & Business!

Order Your Filterscan today!

FILTERSCAN® Introduction

In the News

AHR Expo, January 2014, New York City, NY - The AHR Expo, despite the snow storm, was a record breaking success with a reported 61,210 visitors and 18,219 exhibitors! CleanAlert introduced the FILTERSCAN® WiFi Air Filter Monitor & Notification System. The product was received with excitement by Contractors, OEMs, Publishers and other industry partners. Many contractors immediately saw application for the FILTERSCAN® WiFi in Education, Assisted Living, Fast Food and convenience store facilities to name a few. Although the product does not ship until later this year orders are already being received. With a retail price of $99.95 and an annual subscription cost of $14.95, feedback was very positive. Some even commented the price was too low! Check out the Product Information Sheet for more details.

CleanAlert was featured in a recent IAQ article in "The News" publication March 10, 2014 The Internet of Things: "But the future of air purification may not necessarily lie in the air cleaning technology Itself, but rather in how the technology communicates with the rest of the building as well as the end user." To read more click: here.

Florida Buildings & Facility Maintenance Show logo CleanAlert will exhibit in the upcoming Florida Buildings & Facility Maintenance Show April 30th at the Florida State Fairgrounds Expo Hall. It you plan to attend, visit us at Booth #817 to see the FILTERSCAN® WiFi Air Filter Monitor & Notification System. Show hours are from 9:00AM until 2:00PM.

CleanAlert exhibited at COMFORTECH 2013 in Philadelphia during September.

NT, a leading online reseller of HVAC and other accessories now offers the FILTERSCAN®!

Products and Solutions

Air Velocity Transducer

Fraedenprobe image

The FRADENPROBE® Air Velocity Transducer is an accurate, cost effective air velocity transducer for nearly any application where air flow must be monitored. The FRADENPROBE® uses patented, low power thermal anemometry technology producing a linearized output. The FRADENPROBE® is robust, easily installed and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Averaging Amplifier

Sensordock thumbnail

Now available, the SensorDock® Multi-Point Averaging Sensor Power Supply is an averaging amplifier for applications requiring a mean output from several similar sensors. When coupled with multiple units of the FRADENPROBE®, the SensorDock® makes measuring airflows across large ductwork a snap.


Filterscan WiFi image

Introducing the FILTERSCAN® WiFi Air Filter Monitor & Notification System. It works with single speed, multi-speed and most VAV systems with a wide variety of filters measuring differential pressure change in the HVAC system. When the pressure changes by a pre-set amount, the FILTERSCAN® alerts the user via designated smart phones, PCs or tablets that it is time to service the filter. Utilizing the Notification System's reporting capabilities and an Internet browser, the user can check the status of the filter, battery and other important data on demand.