We all love our furry family members, but we know they make home and health maintenance even more critical, especially when we look at how our pets can affect the air we breathe.

Pet dander is one of the leading causes of indoor air pollution, and can wreak havoc on both our immune systems and HVAC systems.

Dander is like your pet’s dandruff, but these skin cells are much lighter and smaller than most allergens in your home. Their microscopic size keeps them airborne longer, their sticky texture helps them cling to surfaces, and your pet’s fur carries and releases them into the air. Eventually, they settle in on your floors, bedding, furniture, and walls, where they can retain their potency for months.

About 15% of Americans are allergic to cats or dogs, yet a third of them will continue owning these animals. This makes dander a daily concern for people with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues, especially when you consider that Americans spend more than 90% of their time indoors.

Your pet can contribute to household irritants in other ways, too:

  • Grooming or air circulation from the HVAC system spreads allergens.
  • Increased dust and hair causes your air filters to clog quicker.
  • Odors, dried saliva, and litter box waste increases contaminants.
  • Pets can carry pollen, mold, and other allergens in from outside.

Keeping pets away from furniture and bedding, regularly cleaning your house and furry inhabitants, as well as staying on top of HVAC maintenance are basic but effective methods for keeping allergens at bay. When you use CleanAlert’s FILTERSCAN® WiFi, you’ll get a quick alert to your smartphone or other device when your home’s air filter is no longer working optimally, giving you one less thing to worry about for this crucial household chore.

Stop stressing about clogged filters and airborne allergens that work against you. Instead, let your HVAC system work for you with the convenience of FILTERSCAN® WiFi.