We can’t always control the contaminants that will be exposed to our children, but what if their most compromised air quality was actually found right at home?

Fungus and mold spores, cleaning products, smoke, pets, and other sources release pollutants into your home, and the proper insulation we need this time of year makes sure it stays there. No matter how much we clean, irritants find their way into our heating and cooling systems, circulating through our air ducts all day and all night.

Most of us spend more than 90% of our time indoors, making our overall health extremely susceptible to the conditions inside. Enough exposure of this contaminated air can worsen or even cause respiratory issues. This includes daily symptoms, like cognitive dysfunction and fatigue, and can also mean something more serious or even life-threatening, such as respiratory tract infections, diseases, or asthma.

Children are especially susceptible to the harmful effects of indoor air pollution, and if someone in your family already deals with respiratory irritation or disease, the unhealthy lungs of your home can have even greater consequences on their lungs over time.

There are many causes contributing to indoor air pollution, but now we can think smarter about our air quality.

Smart home technology is becoming a common amenity to the average household, monitoring and controling everything from security systems, to entertainment, and energy management. Now, rather than relying on an HVAC or home care professional, your air quality is easier to manage than ever before.

Install CleanAlert’s FILTERSCAN® WiFi Air Filter Monitor to your HVAC unit and you’ll get alerts via text or email notifying you of the condition of your air filter.