Facility Managers

FILTERSCAN WiFi for Business
Remote Air Filter Monitoring and Reporting

Receive an alert via text or email indicating...
  • Which air filter is clogged.

  • Which air handler needs servicing.

  • When the unit’s batteries are nearing the end of their life (battery model only).

FILTERSCAN® WiFi for Business Features
  • Automatic monitoring of your HVAC air filter performance.

  • Compatible with a wide variety of air filters and with single and multi-speed HVAC blower systems.

  • Text and/or email alerts on any Internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

  • On-demand reports of the state of your air filter from anywhere on any Internetconnected device via our AirFilterSentry Notification Service.

  • Battery or conduit-powered unit options; 6V wall adapter (optional).

AirFilterSentry™ (AFS) for Business Notification AND Reporting Service

AFS for Business allows you to monitor multiple FILTERSCAN® WiFi Air Filter Monitors anywhere in the world. You can see the status of all of your monitored air filters in one spreadsheet-like report.  AFS for Business is bundled FREE with every FILTERSCAN WiFi for a Business monitor.

Clean Alert, LLC

Your HVAC System Maintenance Can Be Smarter

Why FILTERSCAN® WiFi for Business?

Because there are not enough hours in the day...

...or man-hours in the week to address maintenance needs, let alone pursue high-revenue/high-margin opportunities.
Now is the time to maximize your bottom line with FILTERSCAN® WiFi for Business; here's how...

Clean Alert, LLC
Proactive Maintenance

A Smarter HVAC System will...

  • Save money by replacing air filters only when needed.

  • Save energy by running efficiently.

  • Reduce labor costs by scheduling only as needed.

  • Improve indoor air quality by ensuring air filter efficiency.

Clean Alert, LLC
Predictive Maintenance

With FILTERSCAN® WiFi alerts, you will know...

  • When the air filter is clogged.

  • Which air handler the air filter is located in.

  • What type of air filter needs to be replaced.

  • When to purchase new air filters.

  • When to schedule labor.

Clean Alert, LLC
Preventative Maintenance

By installing the FILTERSCAN® WiFi for Business, you can count on...

  • Optimal HVAC system operation.

  • Increased energy efficiency of the HVAC system.

  • Reduced maintenance costs.

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FILTERSCAN® WiFi for BUSINESS monitors includes AirFilterSentry Reporting and Notification Service, which provides on-demand status reports of every monitored air filter in one convenient place.