Modern Technology for Ultra-Efficient Air Flow measurements

The FRADENPROBE®Air Velocity Transducer is an accurate, cost-effective sensor for nearly any market where air flow must be monitored accurately.

The FRADENPROBE uses patented, low power thermo-anemometry technology and produces a digital and analog linearized output. This makes it robust, easy to install, and usable in a wide variety of applications.

It is available with either a 1 meter cable or a 10 meter cable.

If you need to measure air flows through larger ducts, you can use an array of multiple units of the FRADENPROBE in conjunction with the SensorDock® Multi-Point Averaging Sensor and Power Supply.

  • Accurate Linearized Output

  • Resistant to Contaminants

  • Reliable Rugged Design

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Adjustable Insertion Depth


  • Large Building Automation

  • Medical Facilities

  • Network Operating Center Management

  • Gas Mediation Monitoring

  • Custom Solutions Available

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